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Using the Evernote API from Swift

There is a fine Evernote iOS SDK complete with extensive Objective C examples.  In this blog post I want to share what I did to get it working with Swift.

First I created a new Swift iOS app (called “orgr” below), then I copied the ENSDKResources.bundle and evernote-sdk-ios sources ….


… into the new project, and added references to MobileCoreServices and libxml2 per the SDK instructions.


In order for the Swift code to see the Evernote Objective C SDK, I enabled the compatibility header and pointed it to a header in the SDK that included all the other headers I needed.


I also found (YMMV) that I needed to add a reference to the libxml2 path under Header Search Paths


Once I’d done this, I was able to build.  Next it was simply a question of translating the Object C example code to Swift.  This is the minimal example I came up with:


You’ll need to replace “token” and “url” parameters with the values you can obtain using the developer token page. This simple example just logs my notebooks.  Next steps are for you …

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  1. hi, i’m fairly new to ios development and i tried rolling my own evernote app exactly like in you did but, it keeps saying that the ENSDKAdvanced.h file can’t properly import Could you please take a quick look 🙂

    thanks a lot


  2. Thanks, that was something I was looking for!

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