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Word for Mac Focus keyboard shortcut: here’s how

You may well be wondering why I am writing a blog post on how to enter Focus view in Word 2011 on the Mac, when clearly I should be focusing on writing something… let’s not go there.

There is no built-in keyboard shortcut, and it wasn’t obvious to me how to add one, but I got there eventually.

Use the Tools|Customize Keyboard menu item:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.05.28 AM

Then go to the View menu on the left, find ToogleFull on the right and enter the shortcut you wish to use.  This was the key for me: I’d never have guessed that Full meant Focus, since there is also a full-screen mode.


OK, so now you have no excuse not to focus!

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  1. Thank you for posting! Now I can stop searching google and get back to work…

  2. Thank you, never guessed that Full means Focus, either!

  3. Just for the other ones who – like me – were going bananas while searching for that solution in german: “ToggleFull” is represented by “GanzerBildschirmUmschalten” – not at all consistent with “Fokus” in german either.
    Thanks for your conclusive hint.

  4. Thanks much for this! Is there a way to change the colors in Focus view? paper color, background color, etc?

  5. Not that I know of, sorry! Let me know if you find out though.

  6. Just saw how to change background color (in Focus view, move cursor to top edge and select Options->Background on right)

    How about paper (or background) color in general? I just want to grey it down a bit so it isn’t so harsh.

  7. Thanks for posting it. You saved me a day from google humiliation.

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